Open Platform

This device can act as central device for you to build your project around. You can build the Add-on for it as needed. Like Radio, GPS add-on etc. Do home automation.

Free & Open Source

The whole project is based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The schematics, 3D files and other bits and pieces are MIT licensed. So anyone can download them, improve it and contribute here.

Easy to Build

You can build one for your own. There are only 2 PCBs and 5 3D printed parts. Order the PCB and build the 3D parts with your 3D printer or order them and build your own. Check-out whole parts list.

A Raspberry Pi UMPC. An open platform device to use and create. It is fully open-source hardware. So you can modify it as you wish. You can make your Add-ons like GPS, Radio etc and attach them. You can access all the ports of the Pi, and the back part is attached with 4 screws. It can hold a 4" or 3.5" touch screen. You can also have a physical keyboard attached via USB. It doesn't need a custom image of Raspbian. You can use vanilla Raspbian and install the LCD driver, that's it.

Take a look at this in 3D using AutoDesk Fusion 360 Online.

Below are some of the highlights of the features for this handheld device:

  • It is fully open-source hardware. So you can Hack it as you wish.
  • It can be used in industrial environments with Raspberry pi and Arduino integration.
  • 4 inch IPS display, upto 4GB RAM, 2 HDMI out.
  • Has native Serial and Ethernet port.
  • 56 key customizable keyboard, 2 shoulder buttons for navigation.
  • Has RTC, Buzzer, Vibration, LDR and IR Transmitter.
  • Control your home appliances using Mutant's IR Transmitter.
  • Auto turn off display when display is covered, like when mutantC is on your pocket.
  • Add Add-ons to get more features & functionality, see all from HERE.
  • ThumbStick to have mouse support with left and right buttons.
  • Gyro support using MPU6050 module or Pressure or Temp and Humidity support using BME280 module.
  • Able to power off modules, Display, Add-ons using keyboard button.
  • Full power off using OS and keyboard key.
  • USB_C formfactor Nurolink/docking port with UART, I2C and Power.
  • Read battery Power level and power off the device when battery is low.
  • 2 NeoPixel, one connected to ESP32-S2 and another connected Pi.
  • 18650 battery with charge and discharge protection .
  • So little parts needed to make one. See the parts list .
  • You can use C Suite Application suite made for touch based device in this. This apps are suitable for small screens. See the C Suite

So make yours and help us to make a Community around it!



An ESP32-S3 based casual smartwatch with 1.7 inch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibration motor, Accelerometer and Gyroscope.



An ESP32 based open source smartwatch with 1.7 inch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, NeoPixel and Vibration.



A Modular Raspberry Pi handheld platform. mutantC_V4 is successor of mutantC_V3 with IR, Vibration and more improvements.



A Modular Raspberry Pi handheld platform. mutantC_V3 is successor of mutantC_V2 with thumbstick and more improvements.



A Raspberry Pi handheld platform. mutantC_V2 is successor of mutantC_V1.



A Raspberry Pi handheld platform with a physical keyboard, Display and Expansion header for add-on boards (Like Arduino Shield).



All the Add-ons for mutantC. These Add-ons will make your mutantC more powerful and let you do many things with one package.

Why so less?

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Let's go!